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Minimal Prep Veneers

Dental Logic is proud to announce the development of  "Minimum-Preparation Veneer" systems, the newest most advanced conservative dental restorative product in the industry today. One of the newer innovations in cosmetic dentistry is the technological development of dental porcelains used for porcelain veneers or porcelain laminates that can be created ultra-thin (as thin as 0.2mm) and still be strong and durable. Low preparation means only a small amount of drilling or tooth reduction is performed.

Most veneer porcelain types are extremely brittle and will easily break during the bonding process when made thinner than 0.5mm thickness. This new non-brittle porcelain can be made in especially thin sheets that will bond without cracking.  The healthy tooth enamel is maintained.  In many cases no anesthesia is required to create and deliver these beautiful restorations.


Unlike the similar highly marketed product, Lumineers™, our no or minimal reduction versions can be built with multiple artistic layers with varying colors and levels of translucency of porcelain as opposed to the single colored one-dimensional Lumineers. Much greater and natural esthetics can be achieved with no removal of enamel.

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